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I drove home tonight through heavy thunderstorms and a tornado watch. I didn't realize I would be passing through storms until I was well past Canton. As I got closer to Holmes County, I used the frequent flashes of lightening to scan the horizon for funnel clouds. I could never see enough, and each brief glimpse of the hazy landscape gave hint of something more, yet unseen beyond the treeline. The rain kept getting thicker but I refused to push the windshield wipers up to the highest speed, as if that one notch alone stood between me and desperate admission of the storm's power.

Crossing the border of Holmes County brought me into the bowels of the tempest. Lightening like flash bangs rendered me momentarily blind as my pupils suddenly constricted and my contacts separated from my eyes. I furiously blinked to slip them back into place only to have another burst of lightening knock them askance again. I plowed through at 55 mph in this cycle of blindness and finally resigned myself to sliding the wipers onto the highest setting.

I emerged from the last cascades of rain a little south of Grenada and resumed my previous speed toward home.

About the party - I had a good time and am glad I made the drive down. It was great to see old friends, many whom I haven't seen in nearly a year or longer, as well as see again some of the nice people I met at last year's announcement. I tried my hand, er, feet at Dance Dance Revolution. I admit I would much rather dance without DDR than actually play the game, however, I can see its appeal and addiction. Perhaps Jimmy would be interested in playing it with me as a form of exercise since the exercise-power of DDR was oft the topic of discussion tonight.

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