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Like a Cylinder - Graduated

After surviving several months of eighteen hours a day in front of the computer, sixty technical papers, nine programs, a enormous AI framework masters project, writing over a hundred pages of academic essay, his company being bought, and general exhaustion, zordac has now graduated with a Masters of Science degree in Computer Science.

Jimmy, I am proud of you, not only of your accomplishments but your character, your courage, and your heart. I am proud to have you in my life and am enriched to be able to share this milestone with you.

I wanted to thank Brooke and Will (even though they don't read this) for coming to the graduation ceremony. For the first time in decades, it rained on commencement day, and the ceremonies delayed and pushed indoors.

Oddly, it was only Jimmy's biological father (whom he hadn't seen for twenty-five years before 2004) of all his family who actually showed up for the event. It was very surreal. His father is functionally illiterate, never finished the third grade, and has been a laborer all his life. But he was there and wanted to be a part of Jimmy's life. Even though it was awkward, I still appreciated the gesture.

kesterly also graduated with a Juris Doctorate on Saturday. Congratulations, Jenn. I am so proud of you. We had a party for both of them.

I want to thank, too, all of our Oxford friends who came to the party that followed that afternoon. In attendence were Brooke, Will, alcamar (thank you again for all your help with the grill and cooking), gothicbeauty21, jopasm (thank you for all your help in the kitchen!) gsan, haabda, frolicswllamas, kirk_daniel, stephaneyney and Tilly the puppy, luchador_ryu (Brandon), and David Winters. All of you made the day even more special by celebrating with us. I love you guys.

This week, we'll be watching Episode III at the Paradiso on Thursday at 7:30 PM. To prepare, we'll be watching all the StarWars movies, starting with A New Hope and Empire tonight at 7PM. Tomorrow will be Return and Phantom Menace leaving Attack of the Clones for Wednesday.

All are invited to attend. I'm sorry if this upsets the return of Movie Night&trade, but this is a special occassion. Bring your own refreshments, please, so I don't have to go to the grocery store.

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