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All I'm going to say is that it cost Jimmy 1274 dollars for a resident to put five stitches in my arm.

Oversimplifying: $1274 / 5 stitches = $254.80 per stitch

I wish I'd waited until I got home and tied my arm back together with mint-waxed dental floss.

My last two emergency room visits have been an absolute waste of my time and money, and I've grown to hate (and I am rarely pushed to the point of hating) the medical industry and their equally-disgusting insurance brethren.

The least forgivable of all is the financial friction it has caused between Jimmy and me.

Dear Medical Industry Racketeers -

Stop printing bills in which the items are all abbreviated in some medical code speak. Send me an itemized bill in plain English.

Stop charging me thousands of dollars to subsidize the people who don't pay their bills.

Stop making me wait three hours to see an LPN or resident then charge me for seeing a full MD who "supervises" them.

I hope you all contract staff infections and your children grow up to be hippies.

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