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Running Out of Water...

My family is running out of water. They have maybe four gallons (two jugs and several bottles) left to go between the three of them. Plus, with the increased heat, they're sweating out water faster than they can take it in on such strict rationing.

Telephone lines were restored sometime today, however, power and water are still expected to be down for weeks still. Mama and Horace have been taking pseudo-baths in the lake. Everywhere that's open is completely sold out of water. At 82, Grandma can't take the heat anymore. It got even hotter after I left because there was no wind and rain to help cool it off.

I'm trying to convince them to come north. They've got enough gas to get one car up here, particularly if they siphoned some off the other cars they have that are less fuel efficient. The hospital where Horace works is closed, but I think he's still hesitant to leave in case they do open up and he's needed.
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