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Try to Price Gouge the City of Biloxi and See What Happens...

I can't wait 'til I find out the name of the company who tried to price gouge the entire city of Biloxi. I will swear a lifelong oath to give their name such black notoriety that it will forever be spoken as a curse, long beyond living memory. It will be a parable of how not to fuck with a wounded city who's just pissed enough to can your re-negging, self-serving, get-rich-on-other-people's-pain ass.
City officials have fired the FEMA-certified contractor who was on standby to remove debris following a hurricane.

Along came Katrina and the contractor wanted more money, Vincent Creel, city spokesman, told the Sun Herald on Tuesday.

"The one we had on standby - he was awarded the contract in June - wanted to change the terms of the contract," said Creel. "We can't have that."

But Biloxi won't be without help to remove the trash Katrina created. The city has temporarily hired the second-lowest bidder to perform the work during a 70-hour period to allow other contractors to bid on the job.

"The one we had on standby had agreed to get X-amount of dollars per cubic square yard of debris removed," said Creel.

Now, the contractor has asked for hourly wages and a mileage allowance, said Creel.

"We can't allow that."

The name of the contractor was not immediately available, nor was the price the city agreed to pay per cubic square yard.
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