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WLBT Shows Aerials of Hattiesburg and Laurel! - Salvador Dali in a lawn chair.
I'm invisible without 3D glasses.
WLBT Shows Aerials of Hattiesburg and Laurel!
WLBT's skycam, which has been giving us the most extensive aerial views of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, has also taken stock of Hattiesburg and Laurel (i.e. the Pine Belt region).

I think this has already been linked before, but just in case, NOAA has made available TONS of satellite imagery of the coastline, which will help people get close-up images of their...where their homes used to be...to see how much damage their property sustained during the hurricane and tidal surge.

So if you're curious about areas that the WLBT's skycam did not fly over, you can see how they fared by using the NOAA link.

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