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Paul's Party - Official Plans

Okay, I finally settled on plans for Paul's party.

Dinner at Dino's at 7PM - sure, it's not glamorous, but it's easier for all of us to get into on the Friday before a football game.

Party following at Dave's/Paul's house - BYOB because I physically can't transport our entire liquor collection over there. I'll load up our two ice chests with ice so people can bring sodas and drinks and I'll try to share what I do have (which isn't much). Let me know if you can bring something to share, like sweets or drinks.

I'm thinking I'll kidnap Paul directly from work at 5PM and take him to the Clay Canvas. Please join us if you can for that part, although it's certainly not necessary that you attend that component. If you can think of something more interesting than the Clay Canvas, I'm all ears.

I need to acquire a cake...of some sort.

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