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Gladys Kravitz & Harry Potter (Magic + Neighbors = Guilt and Movie Tickets)

Lately, I've often felt like Gladys Kravitz, you know, the nosy neighbor from Bewitched, with the Mexican polka baseline three square times a day, the banging on the side of our house, and the children squealing outside.

Sometimes I feel that way about my friends' lives, too. And it makes me feel guilty. For that I am sorry; I try to curb my curiosity and in some cases bewilderment.

Speaking of magical entertainment, I'm putting together a list of people who will be joining us to see Harry Potter Friday night here in town. I'll need to know by tonight if possible and by Friday morning at the latest.

We'll be going to either the 7:10 PM or 10:20 PM showing at the new Malco in the mall. Comment here or call to be added to the list.

Then on Saturday morning, Jimmy and I start our trip to Pennsylvania for the week to see John and Liz.

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