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For those of you we haven't told, we're moving.

Jimmy is itching to buy a house and ditch the stigma that comes with living in a trailer park.

We, er, Jimmy owns the trailer we live in, but we rent the lot. So we're moving out of this place so we can fix the few dings it's weathered the past few years and sell it. Then we can (hopefully) use that money as the down payment on a brick and mortar house.

In the meantime, we'll be sharing haabda's rental home with alcamar. It works out well for everyone since alcamar needed a roommate, haabda needed renters he could trust, and we needed a place that was comparable in size and rent per month.

Things will be a little tight for a while, both in terms and space and money. But we're excited. I'll share with all of you our new address and telephone number when we get to that point.

And if anyone knows someone who wants to buy a nice, ten-year-old trailer (yeah right), please put them in touch with us. It's one of the nicest and cheapest places to live in Oxford and it has served us well (seriously).
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