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The Vienna Boys Choir Syndrome

What is the music-consuming public's obsession with young boys singing about love?

Take Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five, or from my generation, ABC (Another Bad Creation) or Kris Kross (they had dance songs, too, but they had their own collection of pop "Girl, I love you" songs).

Not only are their almost-whiny voices more obnoxious than enjoyable, but they don't have the depth or emotion about the subject matter that a mature, sultry voice can carry.

Sure, those kids may fathom puppy love and infatuation or perhaps even sexual longing, but I can't connect with it. Sure, they're kinda cute singing about their sweetheart on the monkey bars, but their songs don't invoke in me the feelings I experienced as an eight-year old dreaming about marrying the "older man" in the 5th grade.

But I even find their non-love songs annoying.

So it must be a completely managerial decision to construct such a music group and impose them on our radios.

Give me Al Green or Marvin Gaye any day.
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