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Independence Day Plans (and party-making in general)

Guys, what are the plans for July 4th?

I've come to realize that I often wind up making plans for everyone. I like the fact that our home is a place that we can all hang out at any time, but I've grown bored (and am afraid you are, too) always hanging out at the same place. Plus, I need very little provocation for throwing a party (I love to just celebrate life!) and I often fear that I'm shoving to many lukewarm parties down people's calendars. I don't want to usurp and undermine other people's ideas and plans.

I also going to start trying to plan smaller affairs with fewer people so as to create a series of more intimate gatherings. This is in contrast to my default of inviting every-damn-body to a giant party and trying to mesh everyone's schedules. It doesn't mean we won't still have Conglomerati parties when they come around, but in general, I'm trying to switch things up a bit so I can have "quality time" with people.

So, here are my questions -

Do people want to have a July 4th party? If so, where would you like to have it? Would anyone like to host or we could even do something completely different like trudge out to the Grove or Sardis or Lake Enid for all of the Water Valley people or Puscus. Whatever, doesn't matter. I just want some variety.

Or we could do a non-traditional Independence Day celebration. We could pledge to do volunteer work or rally about gas-guzzling trucks or see about taking a party to a women's shelter or orphanage. Hell, I dunno.
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