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The House, The Contract, The Pictures

Those of you who actually see us on a semi-regular basis have already heard about the house™.

I mentioned a month or so ago that Jimmy and I were house shopping. Well, more house-looking, but we bumbled our way into an amazing for sale by owner home in Water Valley. We wouldn't have even heard about this place if Tiffany's sister hadn't owned it years before. Tiffany gushed about how it was her dream house. So we decided to see it.

And nothing else has compared. We can afford it. It's so big I'm inclined to say it's cavernous, particularly compared to what we can afford in the giant real estate bubble that is Oxford. The only problem is that the owners were about to hand it over to a realtor so that put a lot of pressure on us to hurry up. That pressure has spilled over a bit into snippiness between Jimmy and me, but we've taken it in stride.

We're signing a contract this afternoon (Thursday), so I finally feel comfortable posting about it. I didn't want to write too soon and wind up recanting if something went amiss. We had it inspected; it's in fabulous condition, and the owners are giving us 5,000 back at closing to get the house completely rewired (100 year old house, ungrounded wires, bad for electronics and tha kompyootarhs).

It's roughly 2600 square feet, so big that alcamar is moving with us to Water Valley to continue roommateship. Twelve foot ceilings and old, gorgeous hardwood floors (some vinyl in the kitchen and one of the bathrooms). It has four bedrooms and an office and three baths and a kitchen, a formal dining room and a living room. It's 100 years old, sitting on top of a hill with a 1.5 acre lot, much of it trees, and it's in one of the better maintained sections of Water Valley's older homes. Several of the older homes we toured were in ghastly shape (or just fugly), but we still think that the region will be attractive to people who work or go to school and Oxford and just can't afford to buy a house there, like us.

And we can get DSL! Jimmy and I have never been able to get DSL anywhere that we've lived in Oxford, but here we can!

I'm still nervous about living in Water Valley (15 miles from Oxford, 20 minutes in medium traffic to the Square), but I'm still trying to treat it as an adventure, and being madly in love with this house helps tons. It's not perfect; I'm not deluding myself, but it is truly beautiful, spacious and homey.

So here are some pictures if you'd like to see it.

I do not yet have a wide angle lens or a fish eye, so I've had to take multiple quick shots of each room to get most of it in. Here's the first part of the living room. Yes, we'll change the color, but I admit the green is rather cheery.

Second half of living room.

This is a small office that's right off the living room. I only snapped one picture, so this is truly only half of the length. Other than bathrooms, this is the smallest room in the entire house. All the others are monstrous.

Here is the hallway that runs the length of the house. It's very open and grand and spacious. You can see all the way to the back door that exits through a room that the currently family is using as a spare bedroom.

Same hallway in reverse, looking from back to front.

This is one half of the master bedroom (also will be repainted, ugh, rose). It opens directly off the main hallway and the living room, which I don't like, but it's typical of the era.

Second half of master bedroom.

One half of the master bath. I didn't bother to snap the rest. It's roomy and nice although not particularly luxurious. The tub is old cast iron with a wall-mounted shower. The rest of the house has standard tubs and built-in showers.

This is one half of the dining room, one of my favorite rooms in the house. It's enormous, 23 by 12 feet and I adore the color. I love red dining rooms. It's currently being used as a playroom so forgive the mess.

Second half of the dining room.

Half of the kitchen. This section of the house was added in the 1950's and the current owner updated the countertops and the cabinets. It's not my favorite type or style of kitchen (I much prefer a kitchen-centric, open plan home), but it's still very nice and has counterspace enough for all of the people who like to cook and eat with us.

Second half of kitchen.

This is that room off the main hallway and the kitchen that the current family is using for a spare bedroom. The owner is showing alcamar the water heater closet. We may put our office in here since it's not a very private room. The laundry is tucked inside the wall to the right behind bifold doors.

This is a bedroom painted for the owners' oldest son (pictures are the owner and her youngest child). Of course we'll repaint, but they've converted plenty of storage and closet space. This will likely be alcamar's room.

Second half of first bedroom.

This is the bathroom attached to current spare bedroom and indirectly to the first bedroom. It is a very loooooong room with lots of storage. This is only half of it.

The other half. That's me behind the flash.

This is the second bedroom that opens directly off of the first bedroom and also from a smaller second hallway that comes off the living room.

This is a small additional bathroom that joins the second bedroom and the office.

So, whatdaya think? Did I say that this house is only $125,000? We shall live like kings in BFE, Mississippi. But BFE is starting to look pretty damn good.
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