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My roommate's dog keeps eating my bras. The count is up to three. He even digs through my dirty clothes basket and locates the choicest, most delectable bra he can find.

As all of you girls and drag queens know, a bra is a very personal item that must be fitted well to be comfortable. They're also extremely expensive starting at $7-8 at Walmart on up to $30-60 for a well-made, durable bra at a specialty store. Luckily, Rebel (the dog) has only decided to eat my least expensive ones...and also I've been meaning to buy some new ones that fit me better.

So last night, after Rebel shredded the third bra, my roommates concocted a scheme to try to break Rebel of his lingerie tastes. They spent several minutes preparing a cayenne pepper and water mix and proceeded to soak the remains of the last bra and fed the peppered bra to the dog.

As of yet, the success of the scheme remains to be determined. I just hope it works because it's going to break me financially trying to replace all these bras. So far, my roommate Bill has just been knocking off bits of my rent to compensate me for his dog's appetite.

One good thing is that my rent for this month is only $30. I like cheap rent but at what cost?!

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