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Dear Oxford; Dear Lawyers

To all Oxford people:

I have a photograph I want to take. To set the scene, I need an action figure, preferably something familiar like He-Man or She-Ra or Hulk-Hogan, some sort of vein-popping, child-mesmerizing personality action figure.

Or, if necessary, I could make do with Lego characters.

My mother gave away all of my She-Ra "Princess of Power" dolls (I had over a dozen!) when I was younger. So the only ones I have now are the ones I've collected in adulthood (some Star Wars mostly Leia and , a wind-up Bender from Futurama and TreeBeard from The Two Towers.

So, to anyone nearby, do you have any fun (not necessarily popular or recognizable) action figures or Lego characters that I could borrow for a couple of weeks?

To all Lawyers:

Would I be violating any intellectual property or trademarking by using a picture with one of these popular action figures (as only a small part of the photo, but still obvious) on a for-profit website?
Tags: action figures, intellectual property, photography, stock photography, web design

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