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plunge small potatoes

Spammers have taken to putting their spam content in the form of an image, usually broken up into several smaller images and then reassembled in order in an html email message. For the actual text of the email, they put in a lot of nonsensical blather, usually a long paragraph that looks like a coherent sentences but carries no relevant message.

Since anti-spam software can't read image content, they have no way to detect that it is spam unless it comes from a blacklisted source. Despite this new strategy, gmail is still managing to catch most spam that comes into my inbox. Since gmail doesn't display email images unless I've given permission, the spam images that do make it through aren't reassembled and all I get is the randomized paragraph and a list of split images.

Once piece of spam got through today, and its absurd subject line made me belly-laugh. It read, as you may have already guessed, "plunge small potatoes". My well-muscled imagination immediately put together a vivid scene of just a forearm and hand grasping a runt-sized baking potato. The potato had a face contorted in terror while the forearm flexed menacingly above a black, rippling vat of water.

Without mercy the hand plunged the screaming potato into barrel and held it under to drown. Soon the potato floated to the top, face down in water as the hand re-emerged with a new, squealing tuber.

Thank you, pseudonymous Francis Hale of, for that lovely imagery.

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