Stronger and harder than a bad girl's dream. (lost_angel) wrote,
Stronger and harder than a bad girl's dream.

Two Goodbyes

I made two startling goodbyes today.

One was to Elvis, my beloved car of 16 years (well, he was in the family for 16 years and mine for only 10). I sold him this afternoon to a law student for $1000. I'd like the guy and his wife, who was ecstatic that I'd named my car. They seemed like cool, very sweet people. Jimmy has tried to convince me that naming each of the $100 bills Elvis 1-10 (not really, he paid me in twenties, so that'd be, like, 50 Elvises, almost as many as there are in Vegas) will help me cope.

I expected to be very sentimental, but I realized that I'd started to started to see him as a nuisance that I had to get rid of (it's a lot of trouble to take care of two cars). I hadn't really driven him regularly in nearly two years, which is a shame. So I have pictures of him to remind me how great of a car is still is and I hope he continues to be a reliable, wonderful car for many years to come. He was a damn fine car and I know I will often think of him fondly.

The second goodbye was to the trailer. We're selling it to the neighbors who will nearly be doubling their space. Tonight Jimmy and I wrote up a contract that will be signed tomorrow morning. They'll hand over a down payment and pay the rest of it by November 31st.

I didn't expect to be sentimental about the trailer. I'd been cursing it for the last few months while we busted our asses to get it cleaned and painted and ready to be sold. But as we cleared out the vacuum cleaner and the last of our cleaning supplies, I got a little teary-eyed.

I ran my hands along the walls and said a goodbye to every room. I fell in love with Jimmy in this house. It was the only home Sebastian ever knew. I gained a lot of weight but dropped a lot of emotional baggage in this house. I made new friends whom I now cherish. I learned to accept my mistakes and flaws and have started to moved on. All encompassed, instigated and encouraged in, by, and while in this house.

I can get pretty sentimental about places I've lived. I've said goodbye to every room, every house I've ever lived in (except one - the last time I was in Matt's parent's house, I didn't realize I'd never be back). Jimmy says I am "senti"-mental all the time, or was it just "mental" once a month?
Tags: elvis, moving, selling, sentimental, trailer
Tags: elvis, moving, selling, sentimental, trailer

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