March 17th, 2002

the torch-ginger

(no subject)

All personal web pages are pretentious and egotistical by nature.

That stated, I truly dislike the really angst-ridden, gothy ones that are constantly telling you to go away, read no further, as if you could never truly understand or appreciate the gift that they have given the world just by being born and spreading their shit all over the internet.

I suppose a lot of it comes with age. I'm not an wizened old hag, but I certainly have gotten over the time in my life when I thought that every morsel of sound that came out of my mouth was gold to someone else's ears.

I need to update my own page. I suppose it's a bit pretentious to think that people would even go see it. However, if I ever gloss over my page in drapey curtains of mystery and ego, someone please shoot me in the foot!

I can only hope that it will provide people with something interesting to read, see, and to respond to.