July 13th, 2002

the torch-ginger


From an ICQ conversation with Abandyn:

::wrinkles her nose at you::

Did you know I was once sprayed by a skunk? It was on my sixteenth birthday on my grandparents' farm. It was trapped in a cage my Papaw had set and it sprayed my cousin, Matt, and me as we rounded the corner on a four-wheeler.

The rest of my birthday was spent naked in my aunt bathtub with my Gamaw, Aunt Alethea, and my step-mother each dumping bottles of vinegar, tomato paste, whole tomatoes put into a blender, and baking soda later to get the smell out of me and my hair.

The clothes I wore lay for months in a garbage bag with pieces of charcoal in it to try to absorb the smell. They were my favorite clothes that I had worn since it was my birthday.

Abandyn: What an image.... Did it work?

Me: Somewhat...however, after an hour of sitting mostly exposed to my elder female family in a bathtub reaking of household products, I felt rather ridiculous, despite the humor I tried to find in it all.

It took forever to get the tomato seeds out of my hair.
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the torch-ginger

What's Good for the Goose

From Blunders in International Business 3rd edition by David A. Ricks:

As Guinness stout can attest, Hong Kong has been the site of more than one unexpected turn of events. The firm's thick brew, considered especially well suited for the virile men of the British Empire, had somehow achieved a reputation in Hong Kong as being an excellent drink for women during pregnancy of menstrual periods. Consequently, when the drink was promoted in Hong Kong as one for men, it elicited much laughter. Any man ordering it was likely to be asked if it was his "time of the month!"

This book has been mainly anecdotal in format, with only a few overarching concepts. However at least the pages and pages of examples are quite entertaining.
the torch-ginger

Karma and the Horde of Monkeys

I had such a wonderful day yesterday that it seems as if I have to pay for it today. About 800 different things have been bombarding my mind all this Saturday, like a horde of monkeys banging coconuts on my head. I've tried to forget about them and just concentrate on something else, a movie, a StarGate episode, a good lunch, but it's not working.

So instead of writing about them, I'm going to write about how fantastic and refreshing my day was yesterday, since I am now having to pay for it.

I woke up at 4 AM. I lay in bed for a little while, trying to sleep longer but failing. I took a quick bath, doing a little bit of skin pampering then left with Will to go get coffee. Zordac met us there a little later and we chatted through most of the morning.

For lunch Will suggested one of my favorite places in Oxford to eat, so we wandered over to Don Pancho's for a Caribbean buffet of roasted pork, vegetables, Spanish meatballs, yellow rice, beans, and flan for dessert. We sat for a couple hours, chatting about a game that Will might like for me to run.

An invitation from Paul and Jennifer reminded me that it was opening night for Reign of Fire. I spent some normal time at the computer that afternoon, except a little bit of roleplaying on Asherons Call with Abandyn.

Zordac, Paul and I drove to Tupelo to meet Jennifer and see Reign of Fire. It was like a decent action flick simply set in an unusual and cool scenario (although I think they could have done a lot more with it and avoided the anticlimatic ending).

Afterwards we hit IHOP. I had chocolate milk, laughed goofily, and tried to ignore the middle aged guys next to us that were staring. Exhausted when I came home, I still stayed up for several hours to talk to Abandyn. I actually got some school work done, too.
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