August 31st, 2003

the torch-ginger

The Poker Tournament - The Results

The poker tournament was a damned good success. I had a blast and I think everyone else did, too.

It was worth all the work that went into it. Thanks especially to zordac and alcamar for designing and constructing the tables and to starbuckanear for helping to clean the house, come up with ideas, and watch The Evil Dead with me while I was ironing the miles of fusible fabric onto table tops.

Thank all of you so much for coming, both the ones who came across town and ones that drove from J-town. Thanks for making the day so much fun :)

Congratulations to those who made the final table:
haabda: "I'll raise you one hundred and one"
Shawn: the powerhouse motto of "the more I drink, the better I play"</i>
Matthew: "Distraction is my ally."
everraven: "Fuck it, just fuck it. Fuck fuck fuck fuck it. brief pause I'm all-in."
Julie: "Are you sure you want to go all-in? You shoulda seen the last two guys that tried that..."
mandis13: "If I keep them laughing, they won't notice that I've got all the chips."

Matthew suggested that I start a listserv for planning and scheduling more tournaments or just casual games. I'll talk to havoknkaos who hosts my website to see if I can host one from it.

zordac is already brainstorming on how to build chip holders. That's our next investment. And table legs :)
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