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Steph is Not Me, I am not Steph - Salvador Dali in a lawn chair.
I'm invisible without 3D glasses.
Steph is Not Me, I am not Steph
Apparently Firefox is having having a caching issue that was causing me to post my "Two Goodbyes" entry to stephaneyney's livejournal. She saved her login and password on Jimmy's computer (which I am using now), but I made certain that I typed in my own login and password and hit "login".

It actually displayed me as being logged in as lost_angel but kept posting under Steph's login. I tried this four times, each time logging out and logging back in to make sure it was me. Each post was displayed in her "Recent Posts" and not mine. Livejournal also addressed its "Tips" to stephaneyney's login while at the exact same time displaying "Welcome, lost_angel" at the top of the page. I should have taken a screen shot so you guys could see how bizarre this was, showing I was logged in at the top while still addressing Steph at the bottom.

Somehow I was finally able to post to my account instead of Steph's. So I intentionally logged into to her account and to delete my post. No problem. However, when I logged back as lost_angel again to write my "Vegas" post, the same thing happened, see?. I finally broke down and deleted her saved password from the password manager. Yet I'd forgotten about the second post which is still currently up on her "Recent Posts" page. Now I can't login and delete it.

So, um, Steph, will you please delete that most recent post when you get a moment?

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