June 9th, 2006



We got a Packet8 VOIP (like Vonage, voice over internet protocol) line so we could have a second line dedicated to my work calls and we could keep our (alcamar, zordac, and mine) personal phone line separate. It's 2/3 cheaper than getting a second traditional phone line run into the house when you include how much we'd be spending on long distance. And we don't know how much longer we'll be living here, so it also makes sense because we can take the number with us without having to get a new line also run at the new place.

Unfortunately, for us the Packet8 service blows. Our internet connection is not ideal (cable, very slow for cable, bad lines in the house, which Jimmy promised me he'd run another set only he.still.hasn't. He doesn't even have to run a new line altogether but simply switch the house to using another set of newer line that haabda ran when he was living here.)

So since our internet connection is not super-omg-fast, our VOIP phone line is rotten. We have to reset every single device along the chain (cable modem, router, then packet8 router) in sequence nearly every other day because it hiccups and we get no service. The delay on the line is also so frustrating and even static-y, it's worse than talking over a bad cell connection.

I couldn't even guess as to the number of calls I've missed where people have had to call my cell to get a hold of me.

So obviously this set-up isn't working. But I made the mistake of getting a business listing in the yellow pages directory listing for one of the off-brand books (they were the first to come available this cycle) with my Packet8 number. Which means we're stuck with it, for at least a year.

Step 1: Get Jimmy to switch to the newer cable inside the house.

Step 2: If the phone service still blows despite the new line, I'll have to see if I can take this packet8 number with me to another service, either voip or traditional.
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