May 19th, 2007

the torch-ginger

Anyone Awake?

kesterly, Tiffany and I went to Southaven today to do some shopping. By way of Target (not), we suddently decided to drive all the way up to the Marcaroni Grill on Poplar (I'm slowly learning Memphis a little better).

I selected ingredients in my pasta: penne under roasted garlic alfredo topped with spinach, caramelized onions, mushrooms, and shrimp. Ganache-stuffed fried raviolis for dessert.


I posited that the large wilted spinach leaves reminded me vaguely of ramen from a noodle bar because the bright green leaves draw the eye away from the rest of the floaters in your soup.

I shared some of my Dar Williams (on my Creative Zen Vision: M) with Tiffany and Tiffany shared with me some of her Arrogant Worms (on her iPod). I found out that she loves folk music including Paul Simon, Jim Croce, etc. I suggested that she add a little Gordon Lightfoot and Aimee Mann to her palate. We realized that we both are in love with the 1992 version of Last of the Mohicans both the movie and the soundtrack (It also has two of my favorite actors in it: Daniel Day Lewis and Steven Waddington).

It's an empty house tonight.

frolicswllamas is gone, dunno where.
alcamar is with kothoga (btw, how did you get that user name?) in Memphis.
zordac is asleep.
Izzy and JoJo are passed out on the hallway floor.

I've got some housework to do. And some writing. One is a temporal priority and the other an emotional priority.

I needed something that I could listen to independently of zordac so we could stay at the same pace with The Tipping Point. So I bought a second audio book titled Four Queens: The Provencal Sisters Who Ruled Europe. I think I'll put my headphones and start working.

I'm also downloading several books from <a href=""Project Gutenberg.