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The ADDiction of MMO's - Salvador Dali in a lawn chair. — LiveJournal
I'm invisible without 3D glasses.
The ADDiction of MMO's
Back when I quit Asherons Call, I had aspirations of writing one or two entries to explain my feelings of escape and lost time that had accompanied five years of playing an MMORPG.

I never did.

I try not to criticize my friends who still play MMO's mainly because I don't like to be criticized myself. I'm not bitter about MMO's, but mainly just sad that there are some inherent characteristics of MMO's that make them big farming and level machines that eat up useful time that could be spent developing skills, relationships, and more rewarding hobbies.

I don't mind that my friends play MMO's. It's a fun and easily accessible form of entertainment. I do mind that my friends sometimes miss out on social interaction with real life friends (kesterly has attempted to work in more hanging out time instead of just defaulting to WoW, so I want to make sure that she knew I wasn't singling her out). I mind that on occasion when I've been invited over to hang out or stop by, I wind up talking to their backs while they play an MMO. This hasn't happened in a while, but I also haven't seen some of my WoW playing friends in a while either.

So instead of using my own words and my own stories, I'm posting a link that I got from shas. For one, I think that many of you may give this guy more credibility because 1) he played WOW, which most of my friends play now, and 2) He was a council member on what is now one of the oldest guilds in the world, the type of position coveted by many of the 7 million people who play the game today, but which only a few ever get..

So here it is.

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From: spiderknight Date: October 19th, 2006 02:26 am (UTC) (link)

Speaking for myself...

I'm quite good at being the 'so-so' guildie. I play when I feel like it, which can mean at one point I'm on for an hour nightly and then at another point I suddenly vanish for weeks.

On the other hand, it's easy to see how this sort of thing can happen to people. I did like the comment comparing WoW to alcohol, effectively: "you can't WIN WoW. but you can't win drinking, either." It's a moderation, thing.

I am waiting though, on the Constitutional Amendment to ban MMORPGs...
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