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A Character Flaw?

I seem to be incapable of going to bed the night before an airplane flight.

This has nothing to do with fear, but perhaps something to do with excitement.

It's mostly, however, do to logistics. I never seem to be able to pack before the night before, even when I'm going to be gone for six months or longer (Japan trip).

So I'm up all night packing before before the flight. Like tonight.

I'll be in Vegas for a week. I'll be working the registration table for a NightClub & Bar conference put on by Oxford Publishing (for whom I did web monkey jobs intermittently during college). At night there are lots of concerts, free booze, and general frivolity at the expense of the vendors showing at the conference.

At first I didn't want to go. I knew I'd be working for most of the trip, but I figured that it would be worth it to just go on free trip and add some variety to life. Plus, I could visit the poker tables at least a couple of nights.

However, I did not realize that we'd be working ten hour days with no lunch break (as I have been notified by my hand-out packet that I picked up on Thursday, many days after they'd booked my flight and my room). I will also be sleeping on a couch in a shared room (which I approved before I agreed to do this; I can sleep almost anywhere).

But now I found out I'm going to be in dress work clothes the entire time. Ugh.

And I think about all of the work I'm leaving behind to go. Yeah yeah, I've been clowning around for several weeks and not been very productive, but now I'm really feeling the crunch since I'm leaving for nearly a week.

Well, enjoy. I'll check back with you guys in a week. I may try (finally) the post-by-phone feature.
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