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The Beast is Sick

Just like my car has a name and its own identity, my computer, my beloved rig, has its own name as well...Beast. I left him alone for quite some time while I was in Japan, and he and I are only recently becoming reacquainted. He's been a little sick on and off from the beginning because a friend of mine helped me build him and I'm still learning on how to administer hardware remedies.

Presently, Beast is having severe cooling problems. I arose yesterday afternoon to find him asleep (I never turn the poor fella off, no wonder he's tired). Apparently, he had overheated and shut himself down. When I tried to awaken him, he groaned and spat out hot air.

I left him alone for a bit before I called in the his creator (Razer, my former boyfriend and current friend, for those of you who know him). Luckily, it was only the fans making the terrible noise and not the hard drives. However, two fans are broken, the case fan and my video card no Asheron's Call for a while.

Luckily, Paul has an extra 15mm fan for the GForce2 he can bring to me on Monday and I can probably easily acquire another 80mm from around here somewhere in this shopping wasteland.

So, I'll be working on non-graphically challenging things (i.e. my job) with the case open until Monday. I must resist the urge to install AC on Jimmy's computer :)

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