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My First Audio Book Purchase; and Snarl's Engine is falling out!

Despite all the wonderful recommendations, I went with The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference. I'd been long considering this one, and chose it as my first audiobook because it seemed like something that zordac would enjoy as well during our many hours in the car this month. It is inline with another book I asked for and got for Christmas and have not yet read: Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed.

I'm presently in Hattiesburg, down for my sister Kelli's graduation from USM (she graduated with a bachelors in arts and letters in political science, not far from her sister's studies :). On Sunday, we're going down to the farm to eat dinner with my Gamaw and extended family who get together like clockwork for monthly birthdays and holidays that I often miss.

Then we're swinging through to visit Grandma in Tylertown (my mother's mother) and headed down to New Orleans. We'll spend a couple of nights in New Orleans (zordac has never been!) and then take Kelli to the airport on Tuesday. She'll be in Spain for the summer for an intensive foreign language program.

On Monday afternoon, I hope to meet jopasm for lunch someplace. Afterwards, I hope we'll have time to wander around the French Quarter and show zordac the riverfront, Jackson Square, Cafe Du Monde, and Central Grocery for olive salad/muffulettas. I suppose we could go down Bourbon Street, but that never impressed me. Monday night we'll be going to Pat O'Briens for dinner and hurricanes.

We're staying at Harrahs (free rooms) so I hope to squeeze in some poker on Sunday night and Monday night late if I have enough energy.

Before we return to Water Valley, we have to drive back up through Hattiesburg to pick up Snarl (my car) which is currently in the shop lie...the engine is falling out. A couple of devices called "cradle bushing" hold the engine in place and they are prone to breaking in my 1997 Dodge Intrepid. It is composed of a rubber piece (that has fallen out) and a metal piece that has eroded to the point that the engine was barely attached. As the mechanic at the Goodyear on 40th Avenue explained, "It's amazing y'all weren't killed." Some vibration had been happening for a couple of weeks and I had planned to have it looked at when we returned, but it got severe so quickly that it could no longer wait.
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