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HVAC - Redux

I tried to post this on Thursday of last week, but Livejournal's hiccups prevented me from doing so.

I realized Thursday morning that in the last HVAC post I made I actually didn't address the HVAC. I talked about stephaneyney's shower instead.

So, let me try again.

We are finally having central heating and air installed in the house. We went with a family-run business here in town. The Tri-Lakes people (namely Kelly and Ginny Harvey) have been very professional and also seem to be genuinely good people. I like them both.

For those interested in specifics, we are getting two, two-tier 19 SEER Trane heat pump units. This house is pretty huge and drafty, so we needed big units. The good thing is that they can run at half capacity (i.e. the lower tier) when it's just us (four to eight people), and full capacity (both tiers) when we have lots of people in the house (which is fairly regularly these days). Plus, by going with the 19 SEER, it is more efficient, environmentally friendly, and had a better warranty.

We had to take out a loan because Jimmy was practically raped by taxes this year, but the interest rate is very reasonable (lower than our mortgage) and we should pay it off fairly quickly.

Before we started the HVAC on Monday, last week and the week before, we had our electrician, Dan Murrell, come in and completely re-do all the wiring in the top half of the house so that the new HVAC insulation didn't get blown on top of old, exposed wiring (that had no junction boxes!). So now we should have all brand new wiring in the house, period.
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