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JoJo, Kenny Brown, and a Limerick!

I realize I never posted a picture of our new cat JoJo who joined us back in November. We got her from zordac's mother who found her on her doorstep after her lumpectemy.

a cat in a box

I now tell people that I have 2 and 1/2 cats. I have one cat that is as big as two cats and I have a kitten that's just 1/2 cat. It hasn't gotten old yet, at least not to me.

I'm ready to shake this cold, and go see Kenny Brown at Two Stick tonight.

Life is nice. Here, have a limerick:

There once was a woman near 30.
Whose past was soot black and dirty.
A chisel and paint
removed all the taint
Spick and span was never so flirty.

Made it up jus' now. Was trying to come up with something for my profile, but it didn't fit.

What'd you think? Is it mustard?
Tags: blues, cats, jojo, kenny brown, music, sushi

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