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The Great Funk RoadTrip of 2007

Jackson people -

Get ready for Tha Funk! This Saturday, July 7, a group of Oxford ladies will be driving down to Jackson to hear a band called SkyHi based out of Murfreesboro, TN. They'll be playing at 9PM George Street Grocery (located at 416 George St.). We can do dinner beforehand as long as we go early enough (i.e. 6PM or earlier) to make sure we don't miss a single guitar lick (frolicswllamas is doing her usual spastic, obsessive, fangirl crush thing).

I post this here for two reasons:

1) To invite you all to join us! I would love to have any excuse to see many of you, my physically distant but greatly-missed friends in the Jackson area. I would love to introduce some of the newer faces to some of the nostalgic ones.

2) We may need a place to stay Saturday night. This is a wholly secondary issue. I would rather hang out and see people stress-free and pay for a hotel room. Tentatively, we have anywhere between three and seven women going (all with very nice breasts, but most, sadly in secure relationships): me, frolicswllamas, coilla, Brooke, Liz, Kirina, and Selva. We may get hotel rooms; we may straggle out among several crash pads.

Note: The third-party company that I used to withdraw my poker winnings is dragging its interest-earning, dream-stomping feet. They still haven't transfered me my money and it's nearly too late to go to the WSOP. So in all likelihood, I won't be going.

Luckily, I have other things I could easily spend the money on, like bills, but it still is a major disappointment. zordac has so much faith in me and my ability to last long enough to win some money. He wanted me to go anyway and just let the money come in after the fact. But I can't let myself do that. It doesn't make sense when I am certain I will have a chance to go next year.


But we still have funk! And then I'm going to Nashville for Harry Potter with Brooke and Will the following weekend.
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