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Ladies of the Four DeucesLast Saturday I ran my first parlor larp titled "The Four Deuces". It was the second parlor larp we've played (the first was for Paul's birthday in October, 2006, called "The Auction").

Parlor larps, often called murder mysteries, are themed one-shots with preset characters that are geared toward an audience of non-gamers, although experienced roleplayers can have just as much fun. Rule systems are mostly unnecessary, but those rules that are made are simple and few in number. Dinner is shared, costumes are worn, and many a toddy is consumed.

"The Four Deuces" was a speakeasy, gangster, roaring 20's themed larp. The costumes were great and I was exceptionally proud of everyone's playing ability, even the ones who had never gamed before. Liz, who at one time thought roleplaying was when people sat around and pretended to be other people in the room (and who takes our teasing about it with great spirit), had everyone in the game tied to puppet strings!

Gentlemen of the Four DeucesI have no doubt I'll be running another one (or even writing one) by the end of the summer.

Despite being mortified about putting a current picture of me on the web, I am so proud of my very dear, genuine, intelligent, witty, and creative friends that I am posting Liz's pics from that night. Not as many people who initially expressed interest were able to make it (which is good since I ran out of characters), but everyone who did come said they had a fantastic time.
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