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Determined Turtle

Determined Turtle
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The reason that I joined flickr was so that I could join my friend Liz in a one-a-day photo project. The purpose is to take at least one picture every calendar day. These photos must be taken on their aesthetic or artistic interest alone, not to chronicle an event or because someone paid us.

Today, ironically while I was going to check the squirrel traps* under the house, I discovered a turtle. I spent about twenty minutes lying on the ground snapping pictures until the little fellow (or lady, I can't tell) decided to move again. After it was all finished, I pulled two slugs off me and have spent the rest of the morning scratching.

* The squirrel traps are humane, double entrance cages that we set so that we could catch the squirrels that have taken residence in our attic where they are nest, chew, claw, and make a mess. If we ever manage to catch any, we will release them in Cossar State Park. Any species other than squirrel will be released back into the yard. This morning all the traps had been sprung, the bait taken, and nothing was inside. I assume that the cats that live under the house were able to steal the bait (chunky peanut butter on 1/2 a hot dog bun) but were big enough the flip the trap upside down and get away.
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