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I hate looking for things - things that I've lost, things that other people have lost, things at the grocery store, things at any store that I go to often enough to carry a list. At least once a week I lose one of the following for at least ten minutes: car keys, glasses, contact lens case, make-up case, scissors when wrapping gifts, cell phone, CDs, house telephone, purse, remote controls, anything that moves around with me from place to place. I've gotten better about putting most of the above list in one or two places, but inevitably, something always winds up separated from the flock. Sometimes I just give up looking and just go do something else until it turns up on its own. It's really pretty sad.

No, I did not misplace a turtle, although I assume he's not where I left him, either. That's just the other picture I posted from yesterday's shoot in the grass.

I have managed to misplace the calculations for the living room curtains I'm making. I can redo the calculations without too much difficulty. However, since the fabric has already been purchased (at a heavily discounted rate), if I overestimate one dimension of length, I could wind up one or more feet short of fabric on the last window. So I'd rather stick with my previous calculations and avoid the risk of under or overshoot my original plans.

I don't mind shopping at flea markets or looking for things that I don't know exist yet, but looking for something I need and can't find is probably my biggest pet peeve.

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white_dandelion From: white_dandelion Date: May 21st, 2008 03:59 pm (UTC) (link)
I have found that the key to not misplacing things or leaving things were I won't remember where they are is to make them have a place to live.

Stuart for example: He has a small-ish plastic basket on the kitchen counter. He comes in from work and drops his keys, beret, phone, knife etc into the basket.. so he knows where everything is at 5am the next day. It also saves him from having to wake me up and ask have you seen my....

I like to have specific places for things. Sissors live in a drawer in the kitchen. Once I'm finished with them they go back to the same place. My keys, check book, etc live on the down stairs table so I can grab them before going out to the garage.

Phone: If you get in the habit of putting the phone back on the base it is much easier to find. :)

slips of paper: Keep a bulletin board for tacking up slips of paper you don't want walking away. Also the Fridge works well for this. I have a bulletin board downs stairs and use the fridge upstairs. Alternatively you could use a small notebook to keep a log of household improvements/measurements. That way they are all together. If you need to take a measurement to a store write it on an index card and pin it to the fabric once you've bought/washed it. I've gotten in the habit of indexing my fabric so all I have to do is look at the card pinned to the fabric to know how much is there. When I use some I mark down what's left. It saves a whole lot of time unfolding, measuring and refolding.
From: gothicbeauty21 Date: May 21st, 2008 07:02 pm (UTC) (link)
Mom does the indexing of her fabric trick, it's a great way to know what all is there and how much of it exists. She also keeps a ledger with her house plans and dimensions and other project notes so it's always in one place. Only downside is when she misplaces the notebook, but that's usually the fault of her workers -- she has one place she always keeps it but when one of the boys has to borrow it they don't always put it back where they got it.

I know you've probably moved the books five times since I was last over, but when I was there you had them on the blue couch in the dining room.
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