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I hate looking for things - things that I've lost, things that other people have lost, things at the grocery store, things at any store that I go to often enough to carry a list. At least once a week I lose one of the following for at least ten minutes: car keys, glasses, contact lens case, make-up case, scissors when wrapping gifts, cell phone, CDs, house telephone, purse, remote controls, anything that moves around with me from place to place. I've gotten better about putting most of the above list in one or two places, but inevitably, something always winds up separated from the flock. Sometimes I just give up looking and just go do something else until it turns up on its own. It's really pretty sad.

No, I did not misplace a turtle, although I assume he's not where I left him, either. That's just the other picture I posted from yesterday's shoot in the grass.

I have managed to misplace the calculations for the living room curtains I'm making. I can redo the calculations without too much difficulty. However, since the fabric has already been purchased (at a heavily discounted rate), if I overestimate one dimension of length, I could wind up one or more feet short of fabric on the last window. So I'd rather stick with my previous calculations and avoid the risk of under or overshoot my original plans.

I don't mind shopping at flea markets or looking for things that I don't know exist yet, but looking for something I need and can't find is probably my biggest pet peeve.
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