Stronger and harder than a bad girl's dream. (lost_angel) wrote,
Stronger and harder than a bad girl's dream.

Man Dies, Trampled By Black Friday Shoppers

A temporary Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death Friday in a rush of thousands of early morning shoppers as he attempted to unlock the doors of a Valley Stream, New York, store at 5 a.m., police said. - Source

In an attempt to buy discounted things, you reduced the value of a life to zero. You stole his future. You stole his Christmas. His family will spend their Christmas grieving and will not be able to celebrate a Christmas without thinking of your actions.

How could you not hear his cries? How could you not feel the thickness of his body under your feet? When your feet stumbled over a man's FACE, did your eyes never strayed from the things you'd hoped to buy for yourself or your children who still have their faces?

He has nothing now just so that you could have something for 50% less.

You may have been only one of hundreds of people who stepped on his face, his chest, his stomach, his limbs, but you put yourself in the position to do it. You waited all night, probably, to be at the front of that line. You let yourself be in a place where you had to shove someone else to get something before they did. You chose to live in a world of scarcity rather than a world of abundance.

You chose to make your holidays more about things than about people.

You chose.
Tags: wtf is wrong with you people

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