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On the Road Again

As soon as I can find clean towels, I'm jumping in the shower, packing, and driving the six hours home.

This week was kind of a waste for the most part. I enjoyed Thanksgiving with his family and some of the time we spent together, but I was mostly sick, sleeping, or depressed.

It's not his fault. Despite my optimism when I first arrived, we're still not accustomed to each other. I almost feel like our relationship has been fucked by time and fortune. If he'd just mellow out in his anger/obstinacy and we both developed a better work ethic, I think we could make this work.

When I get home, all my friends will want to see me, which will make me feel wonderful.

Unfortunately, I've got lots of poetry to edit/critique before tomorrow afternoon and transcription work before the end of the next two weeks.

Perhaps a trip to Jackson and home to Hattiesburg is in order when this is all finished.

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