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How to Handle Cross-Posts - Requests for Advice

How do you guys handle cross-posting on multiple outlets, i.e. LJ, twitter, facebook, etc.?

So far, I'm treating twitter and facebook as duplicates, but I'd prefer to include only the most noteworthy posts in livejournal. I suppose I treat my journal as something I will keep for posterity, make a copy locally, and consider printing and binding later in life. As for microblogging, as witty as I like to think I am, I can't imagine wanting to read these things four or five years from now.

Perhaps I should duplicate any significant microblog post here under a private filter so y'all don't have to read them again, but I'll have them in the future when I back up my journal.

Any advice?

As examples, are some of the few microblog posts I'd like to keep:

"Ginger Cox had a Little Miss Muffet experience this morning. Somewhere between the kitchen and my car, a spider decided to jump in my oatmeal. I didn't notice him til I was driving down Panola Street. He threatened to escape and made me chase him all over the top of my oatmeal with my spoon. I was so hungry I ate it anyway...the oatmeal, not the spider."

"I'm on the cusp of social networking technology, if cusp is the guy limping at the back of the drum line playing a triangle three beats late."

"Ginger Cox thinks you should bring as much happiness into your life as you are able."

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