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I love to find unexpected places where wildlife refuses to give up its last, inhospitable patch of land, no matter how many millions of square miles of natural habitat we've stolen:
  • crickets chirping from the potted plants in the Olive Branch Kroger parking lot - last patch of green in a forty-meter radius;
  • the clever, willow-legged spiders that craft their webs in front of my kitchen window (and its never-dimmed stove light) where other insects are sure to fly;
  • a birds' nest cradled in the hook of a neon 'e' in the "Uniquely Southern" sign of Batesville's outlet mall.

Such a mix of emotions - pride for the resilience of animals, shame for the greed and waste of humans, the tiniest spark of hope that almost feels a betrayal.

One day, we'll ruin this place for ourselves, and it will all be yours again.
Tags: environment, hope, mississippi

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