Stronger and harder than a bad girl's dream. (lost_angel) wrote,
Stronger and harder than a bad girl's dream.


I ruthlessly purged my closet last night.

Only about 25% of the hanging clothes remain on their hangers. The clothes I removed are now packed away into remarkably small boxes, which I labeled "5-15 lbs" and "10-25 lbs". I'm thinking about wrapping each box with birthday paper and an enormous bow. If I shed the amount of weight written on the box, I'll be rewarded with a present; I'll get to wear all these awesome clothes again.

And if I haven't lost the weight in two years, the boxes are going to GoodWill.

As for reaching these small goals (and also the weight-related goals on my 101 in 1001 List), Jimmy and I have made a bet. We have challenged each other to see who will lose the highest percentage of body weight by March 15th. For each percentage point that the other person loses, we will have to pay $100. Example: If Jimmy has lost 8% of his body weight, I will owe him $800. If I also lose 9% of my body weight, he'll owe me $900 (notice in this example I give, I am the clear winner).

Ideally, we will both lose considerable weight, and most of the money exchange will cancel out. However, we both have the potential to make over or LOSE $5000 (Jimmy could make $6000+ if he loses 2/3 of his body, but in 6 months, that would be unhealthy and unsustainable).

I am uncertain as to whether it would be a good idea to get our friends involved (to cheer us on, antagonize us, or make bets on the winner).

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