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Worked Hard. Not Done.

Somehow, it was tremendously difficult for me to throw away a bit of ribbon tonight. Seriously. It had no sentimental value other than I'd had it floating around my bedroom for several years. Yet somehow, I was trying to find ways to use it, the dingy old thing, as a bookmark (what it has been used for in the past), a pin-holder, a tie. There were four pieces of ribbon like this, and I only managed to throw away two...Something is buh-roken in Ginger's head.

I worked really hard (for me) today. I swept, mopped, dusted, scrubbed, sorted, stacked, shuffled, and trashed. And I'm not finished. I've got at least another day of this (although that day will probably not be tomorrow; gotta spend most of the day sitting at the Dodge dealership so they can flash the computer in my intrepid).

This is good for me, by the way - working consistently over a longer period of time. I have trouble staying focused unless something is finished in one or two sittings. So even though this cleaning is making up for six months of not-cleaning, it's good for me to learn how to stay focused on a project. It's hard for me to maintain a work ethic over aforementioned long periods of time, if there isn't a pressing deadline, if it's not the top priority, or it isn't in such a terrible state that I'm mad enough to do something about it.

So, it's good, for me.
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