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I'm very happy to be home. My roomies missed me as much as I missed… - Salvador Dali in a lawn chair.
I'm invisible without 3D glasses.
I'm very happy to be home. My roomies missed me as much as I missed them and I got lots of kisses and pounces from Rebel.

I got my homework done (which I found out wasn't due for another week), had a humorous and fulfilling time in my poetry workshop, and proceeded to go to an entertaining dinner with Razer, Habda, Jimmy, and EverRaven.

I made the drive home again on no sleep, but this time I had some help from medicinal stimulants. It was much easier going this time around. The trip only took just under five hours, because I managed to get behind an Atlantan who was also an Ole Miss student (I could tell by the Ole Miss commuter parking sticker on his back window. btw, I had no idea who the guy was.). We tailed each other on and off throughout the trip. I thought we had a good thing going...I'm great in a caravan, but apparently I was dead wrong. When we reached Oxford and he took his exit one before mine, I waved goodbye and thank you, and he proceeded to flip me off.

Asshole! I should have known he'd be a conceited, jerk frat boy. I guess I expect too much of people. I never cut him off, I made spaces for him in front of me in bad traffic (which was abundant), and I even was the lead car for a large portion of the time.

mood: exhausted exhausted
music: White Snake - "Here I Go Again"

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