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Six Degrees of Separation (formerly known as the Kevin Bacon Game)

Jimmy, Jules, EverRaven, and I spent about an hour in a pitch black Walmart after the power went out. We made fun of the Walmart workers shining flashlights in our eyes and played Six Degrees of Separation.

Jimmy bought the house a copy of Dark Ages of Camelot. EverRaven is playing it right now on my computer as I work on Bill's. It is by far graphically superior to Asheron's Call. However, there are several issues with the interface that I would have to get used to before I could comfortably play the game.

I bought access to the beta version of the flash program at Hero Machine, which is a visual character image generator that helps you try to build/visualize a character. It has tons of options and is uber cool, except that the beta version has absolutely no female character options. Even the free version has at least some female character options. However, I've emailed the designer and he assures me that within a few days, he'll have some female stuff up and running. He seems pretty cool.

Important Note:
I will be pass through J-town probably on late Saturday afternoon. I'd like to do something with everybody for dinner perhaps. Either leave a message here or send me an icq.

I now return to work. :)

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