Stronger and harder than a bad girl's dream. (lost_angel) wrote,
Stronger and harder than a bad girl's dream.

Happy New Year, guys.

My resolutions are:

1) Spend more time with my family. Go home when I can, which is more often than I pretend and try to renew a closeness with some that has disappeared and perhaps with some whom I have never known well.

2) Stop catching up by doing things ahead of time.

3) Try to become the athlete/dancer that I used to be.

4) Use my new art supplies.

5) Leave my house to go visit people instead of everyone always hanging out at my house. Spend time with old friends who live just around the corner or in a drive down to Jackson or up to Memphis.

6) Write more...poetry, journal entries, emails, real letter-writing, practicing kanji, and actually filling out warranty cards.

I know these are a lot of resolutions, but they're ones I've been wanting to make year-round. Perhaps the new year will bolster me, though.

I like new beginnings, clean slates, and refreshing blank pages.

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