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Matt's been here since Friday and all of life and order has been thrown out of whack...but hopefully his visit will shake up the confetti in my little snow-globe life that has shielded me from the real world and everything outside.

We've decided that the only way we're gonna have children is if we can insure that they will be X-Men. Then we'll have dozens :) We'll have to tamper with our genes or DNA beforehand. I can think of all sorts of fun ways.

I've just rented The BoonDock Saints to educate my roommates and fiance in the ways of Irish vigilante justice.

I'm happy that Matt is here, but I'm also frustrated that my life is so separated from him and there is no integration of my time with him and the time that I have to spend on myself and on the things I need to be doing.

I've had several opportunities to write over the past week and a half but I just never made myself sit down and write what I was thinking. I've got to work harder on my resolution to write more by stopping what I'm working on and write when something has struck me to be worthy of committing to paper or text file.

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