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Spring Break - Japan 2001 - Salvador Dali in a lawn chair.
I'm invisible without 3D glasses.
Spring Break - Japan 2001
Leaving for Kyushu in about 4 hours. Taking the ferry from Osaka and in 11 hours we'll be in Beppu. We going to several shrines, Nagasaki, and a freakin' volcano. I understand the attraction of hot springs and spas and all that nice jazz, but going anywhere near an active, and I mean active as in it erupts twice a year, is like asking for death. Admittedly, the entirety of Japan was created by violent volcanic activity, but taunting fate and carelessly basking in the potential path of red-hot, molten earth ready to melt my skin off and send me to the most painful death imaginable is not my idea of fun. But I left the coordination and planning of the trip up to my friends and I therefore can not complain. I could either buck up and be brave (which is probably what I'll do) or just decide to ditch them and go visit Kirk in Tokyo. I'm not really scared as I make it out to be, but it's the kind of situation in which you have to expect the worst case scenario to occur so you can be prepared for the disaster that you have recklessly made yourself prone to.

going to pack now and maybe work in the paper.

If you don't hear from me in a while, it was nice knowin' ya.

mood: stressed stressed
music: bouncy J-pop

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