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The wind has always been my most favorite face of the weather. I… - Salvador Dali in a lawn chair.
I'm invisible without 3D glasses.
The wind has always been my most favorite face of the weather. I love the humbling persistence of rain, the strengthening smile of the sun, the tender and healing kiss of the moon, and the rare delight that snow can bring.

But it's the wind that is wise, traveled more land that I will ever see or know. Its gusts show the same strength as the moon, promising to lift me high from the drudge and sludge of mortality. Its fierceness like jealous, passionate lover can become gentle and giving on a breathlessly hot day.

It stokes fires and rips away mountains and prods me from my cave to come fly with it. No matter what the day, whether it brings cold or brutal rain or gives a quick goodbye before it goes away, the wind always bring with it a smile, just for me, that gives no one else and that no one else can evoke in me.

Thank you for making me feel alive, wind.

mood: rejuvenated rejuvenated
music: the sound of the wind rattling my roof

Lift Your Voice Aloft