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YAY - Kirk is back, not just in this hemisphere, not just in this country, but in this exact town!

Got a few of us together for lunch at MacAllistar's to see him for the first time since he made a mad dash to meet Tamara, Kristin and me in Hiroshima the last weekend I spent in Japan. Sent EverRaven and Kirk to court while Will, Jimmy and I ran errands on campus. Stopped by a few offices to see old friends who were still around and I was actually convinced by a dedicated assistant campaigner to cast my vote in the ASB run-off elections.

Tonight is Shana's game. It's been both great and interesting fun. I am not the only one being picked on, which makes for not-as-monotonous humor.

There's a big party for Will's birthday this weekend (late tomorrow night). I intend to have riotous fun and challenge people in quarter poker. I also intend to walk away with at least $40 in my pocket of other people's money.

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