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Eating fresh pineapple (like carved from a real, whole pineapple, it's so yummy!) with a French/Polish/Swedish/Israeli girl (she's lived a lot of places) and catching up with friends on icq, phone, and livejournal. To think I was only gone for four days. whew...

I did a lot of writing on my spring break vacation to Kyushu. I'm about to type up my journal entries about the trip and post them on livejournal. If you're interested, read them, if not or they're too bulky to read, skip over them. I've been in a really artistic, writing mood and I'm so excited about it. But I think out of all that I've written in my journal, I've forgotten twice that because I didn't have a chance to sit down and scribble it before I lost it. There's nothing like watching mountains and the ocean meeting abruptly on the horizon as you fly by in a train bound for a volcano. Happy reading. :)

my web page is going well, yay! Should be posted and running within the week.

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