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The Night Ferry to Beppu: Day One

The bags I packed are already too heavy. The trip started out ominously: got lost on the way to the Makino train station less than two miles from the dormitory! There ferry is very cool. We stayed up late played cards and being silly. Being out int he water between the islands is cool, impressive and profound. The wind is so powerful; it felt like it would scoop me, pulling my legs out from under me, and send me flying overboard into the freezing water. There were many Titanic references and giggling gasps of fear while looking over the edge. My hair, tangled and monstrous, will be a bitch to comb out in the morning.

My friends on the trip: John, Joe, Chris, Camino, Arumi and Loruhama.

Ganked and ashtray from the big open cafeteria on the main floor of the ferry where we ate and played cards. The second ashtray victim after I ganked one from Beijing University last year. :)

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