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I hope everyone had a decent Easter.

I've spent the weekend with family. Friday I went with my mother to the boats and won about 150 dollars at electronic poker and blackjack. An older woman sat next to me and helped coach me the entire time I played. Not only did I learn a lot which will help me win at blackjack in the future, but she helped me win a great deal of what I did win on Friday.

Saturday I got my hair cut and ran errands with Kelli and watched The Legend of Bagger Vance. Even though I was impressed with both Will Smith's and Matt Damon's performances, the movie was an overall disappointment. I got very little out of it. The ending was anti-climatic; I wanted a little more resolution than just the little bit I got. Also the legend was just too vague...I wanted more concrete information. I didn't want to be left hanging quite that much.

Also a bee/wasp thing climbed up my pants leg during the movie and hung out for over an hour until the movie was over and stung me on my thigh when I went to the kitchen to put dishes away.

Saturday night I fought and fought and cried and cried with Matt in despair, disappointment and frustration. We are better today, but all I want now is make it work.

Today I spent with my father's family on the farm. Once I got there, I was doing a lot better than I expected, although I still feel like a stranger. I wish I didn't feel so much like an outsider and that I could make more time to come visit them.

Now I'm up late working and a bit lonely, but I know I'll be with my friends tomorrow and will hopefully feel better.

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