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Looks like this damn project for work will drag on and on until the end of time. Apparently when the audio was extracted from the videotapes, a great deal of it was either lost or skipped over.

A great deal equals almost thirty minutes, all of which I will have to go back and transcribe directly from the video, which in turn means that I'll have to drag a computer into the den or borrow a laptop on which to work.

It is not that I don't enjoy my work. I am just ready for this one to be over, particularly because there has been a heavy time crunch on it and the other pieces of the project have been long since finished either by me or by an entirely different transcriptionist, which makes me look bad that I haven't finished my parts yet.

I get the feeling that I'm still secure in my position at work, but I'd still like to finish what I'm working on and reassure myself that I'm a desired and needed member of the Space Law Center team.

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