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The Wizard's Cap and other Asundry Letters - Salvador Dali in a lawn chair.
I'm invisible without 3D glasses.
The Wizard's Cap and other Asundry Letters
I have a wizard's cap, a midnight blue and silver-star cone, that sits on the crown of my monitor. It gives my beast of a computer a little bit of a character outside of his usual gutteral and brickhouse personae.

Beast has also been surrounded as of late with a tiny stuffed reindeer from Ingles grocery story outside of Rutledge, GA, that has traveled to Asia and back with me twice. The reindeer sits on my left speaker while a little pink bean rabbit sits in front of the left. I've managed to find an inch-tall rubber pig that looks up at me from the keyboard.

I just found a lot of old correspondence in my hotmail account from the time that I was in Japan. It makes for interesting reading and does a lot better at recounting my daily life than my journal does. My new little by-the-side project is to take all of these emails, compile them, and save them as a cleaned up document on my computer or print them out and put them in a scrapbook. It shouldn't take me too long and will serve well to revive the memory later when it's dulled by age and alcohol. It'll also be good to be able to delete all the excess crap off my hotmail account.

I'm very glad I kept the emails. It's something that I've always done over the years, almost like how we mark memories with our entries in livejournal. I've even kept all hand-written letters and notes I've ever received in a box with all of my other scrapbook material that's somewhere in my mother's house. Although it does lead to clutter, it makes for sometimes tearful or delightful reading later.

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music: The Three Tenors

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